Bruce has been an artist for over two decades, always spawning his projects as one off series.The goal here is to create an identity for Bruce so as to allow him to publish each project as a part of his own identity. Projects have a lifecycle – they are born, live and end – and some will be ongoing and concurrent.Please contact for custom quotes and commissions.

Season Cycle

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Artist Bruce Thomas travelled across the country to find out what defines us as Canadians


Revelstoke-based artist Bruce Thomas’ new multi-media exhibit Season Cycle– the result of hundreds of interviews, recordings and drawings […]


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(Feb 27th 2015 Revelstoke BC) – The world is increasingly held together by patterns and sequences..From programming inert code to functioning social networks to Mathematical formulae becoming living breathing neural […]

Next Passage Out

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Incorporating cutting edge technology to manipulate my original animated film,photo and music material in one convergent work..I performed an improvised and portable exhibit/performance entitled: NEXT PASSAGE OUT

Former Futures

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(Revelstoke April 17th 2014) For Bruce Thomas, things live in various states – there’s the past, an imagined future and the present. In his continuum, the now never goes away and emerges in his FORMER FUTURES as vessels at interplay because they easily represent a family archetype that he uncannily explores by reminiscing about his own stories. He tackles the challenge to resolve the noise that exists in family stories and the need to resolve those distortions or allow them to take on their own former futures.

The Pulse Project

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Canadian Pulse Project (June 29, 2009 – TORONTO) Artist Bruce Thomas Deconstructs the Canadian Identity in his new work, The Canadian PULSE Project – What defines us as Canadian? Canadian […]

LA Watercolors


I spent a month walking, biking and public transit around LA.investigating the sites,sounds and faces of this varied city.I present this series LA WATERCOLORS as an ongoing dialogue with a city that is perpetually fascinating.

Leave me in a beautiful place

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“Been on road 16 days and 11 hours. We found camp grounds but we’ll never get in there. It’s a long weekend. Yet, 2 people are just leaving: can’t believe […]

Digital Tree

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Bruce utilizes music as a means to narrate the psychological and spiritual relationships we create in order to relate in the natural and man made world around us. His method […]

The Nine Castles

I wrote this story for my daughter Annabelle when she was born, to read when she was 13, which will be this July!
Wow time flies..
At the end of nine […]

Arrows Outlaws& MDA


Over the years there has not been much scandal or crime in Ladysmith. However, one of the strangest and still unsolved mysteries surrounds Arthur James Williams. The legendary “Wizard of […]