Project Description

(Revelstoke April 17th 2014)  For Bruce Thomas, things live in various states – there’s the past, an imagined future and the present. In his continuum, the now never goes away and emerges in his FORMER FUTURES as vessels at interplay because they easily represent a family archetype that he uncannily explores by reminiscing about his own stories. He tackles the challenge to resolve the noise that exists in family stories and the need to resolve those distortions or allow them to take on their own former futures.

Utilizing the form of vessels is how Thomas relates to his Former – Future archetypes. There’s a co-mingling that creates the repositioned fragments that Thomas continually puts into play in his creative work.

The former and the future comingle at the kinetic intersections dwell in stories within the family dynamic to bring out the story of interrelationships. The imprints emerge as catalysts, bringing the past and the present into a conglomerated catharsis, casting the dynamic through the interplay of family stories, allowing the conventional energy to emerge and leak into the possible fringe

 With titles such as:

YOU BETTER NOT COME TO ME WITH YOUR PROBLEMS AFTER YOU BLEW IT”. Thomas’s archetypal ideas are composed of alchemies that don’t want to be easily categorized.