The purpose of this page is to feature one off wood design prototypes for the various custom fixtures, furniture and cabinetry I create in my woodworking studio.

I utilizes multi-media as a means to narrate the psychological and spiritual relationships we create in order to relate in the natural and man made world around us. His method is a “series-based’ constructivist approach using different configurations of medium, message and materials. These elements are then coordinated to produce an atheistic based image that serves as a tangible example of an intangible inspiration.


1997: Ontario Arts Council grant for theatre production

1998 : Awarded Bravofact Grant for “Jazz Pharmacy” Music Mural

2001; Awarded Videofact grant to produce “The Inhabitants” experimental film

2006: Bessie for best new sound design for Rogers Commercial

2009: Canada Arts Council Grant For Pulse Project

  • Exhibitions

    Oct 7th-Dec 10th : Next Passage Out Resolume Tour (CBT Grant)

    May 2 – June 8 Museum Heritage Garden Mural/Banners( Public art Commission)

    Apr 4- 29 2014 Revelstoke Art Gallery: Former Futures (CBT Funded)

    Sept 14 – Dec10th Special Needs Art Classes (Community Connections)

    Jan 10- Feb 4 2013 Revelstoke Art Gallery: Art Center Mural

    (Project CBT Funded)

    April 3- Apr 26 2012 Gallery 1313: Leave Me in A Beautiful Place

    Oct 8- Nov 7 2011 Pulse LA: LA Watercolors

    June 7- June 28 2011 Arts on first Gallery: Nxt Passage Out: First installation

    Dec 3-Dec 18 2010 Lennox Gallery: Canadian Pulse Project: The East

    Dec 5-Dec 21 2009 Lennox Gallery: Canadian Pulse Project: The West

    May 18-June 14 2008 Spin Gallery: “Leave Me In A Beautiful Place”

    Aug 4- Sept 3 2007 The Axis Art Gallery: Portable Inspiration #4

    April 14-May 6  2007 Sons&Daughters Productions: Portable Inspiration #3

    May 14-June 6 2007 Live Art Space: Inhabitants

    Nov 14-Dec 2 2005 Steptoe &Wife Gallery: Portable Inspiration #2

    Dec 12-Jan 5 2004 Axis Art Gallery: Portable Inspiration #1

    Mar 16-Apr 12 2003 Live Art Space: PICANTO!!!