Project Description

“Been on road 16 days and 11 hours. We found camp grounds but we’ll never get in there. It’s a long weekend. Yet, 2 people are just leaving: can’t believe our luck. Wanted to talk to them but they’re off.
There are two deer in our campsite. We walk into this field where a large rock juts out into Falcon Lake like our own private granite dock! Best campsite ever, and they just checked out, very cool how timing works. Night on the lake. Stars are everywhere and I see a glint on the wind… I see a white kite. Mist across late and an owl flies right through the dense air. I see the kite again—I can’t figure it out—in the morning, it turns out to be some sort of weather flag. Oh yeah, this is a mystic place. In fact it actually is the site of a credible UFO sighting… Look it up under “Falcon Lake incident”. 1950’s. The guy had multiple radiation burns. Quite plausible according to the RCMP report. What’s his name? Stefan Michalak… Fun place. Manitoba looks to me to be Ontario in the 70’s. Adidas shorts and mustaches.”
What is your opinion on extraterrestrial life?