Project Description

(Revelstoke,Oct 29th,2011) — Artist Bruce Thomas examines new perspectives of mountain vista’s in his visual and narrative series: NXT Passage Out. Using bright bold colour and shapes Thomas packages together 16 large scale works he interprets as “Mtn Aura’s” with a three part audio-soundscape narrative to accompany these picaresques scenes of mystery and beauty.
For centuries, the grandeur of mountain scenery has mesmerised people of creeds and cultures. Mountains amaze and delight us, inspiring the human mind to peaks of excitement and curiosity. Inspired by the various mountains ranges in British Columbia, Thomas’s work convey the mysterious nature of mountains and the infinite and contemplative perspective they can provide.

“Over the past year, I travelled to various mountain locations by foot,bike and ski and have employed various artistic media’s to capture the essence or “Aura” of these ancient sentinels that stand as monuments to the earths movements over time. In this series I choose to focus on my own personal interpretations as appose to the many I examined in the last Canadian Pulse Project “