Project Description

The A-Team meets THE MONKEES in this new surreality series, as fate brings four delusional misfits together to form The GEARS, a rock band with visions of stardom in their heads and precious little else. From small-town beginnings, the band stumbles through a series of bizarre adventures to gain glittering fame and fortune, only to see their dreams come crashing down in a firestorm of sex, drugs, rock and roll, and their own bizarre personalities.

Conceived in a combustible mix of malt liquor and paranoia in the head of founder and guitarist RENE LEDUC, the GEARS features vocalist WILLIAM L. MINKeLSON, a mild-mannered occupational therapist whose alter-ego BILLY MINX may just be the ultimate rock superhero; the devious lowlife, petty criminal, and kick-ass drummer LOWEELOR; and the hulking mute bassist PINTO. Each is looking for his own piece of the rock and roll pie, whether it’s Rene dreaming of liberating mankind through the music, Billy Minx out to push his body and his mind to the limit and beyond, or Loweelor just looking for the next score.

Their competing aspirations at turns propel the band towards stardom or threaten it with outright collapse, as they travel up that stairway to rock and roll heaven. Along the way, the gang meets an assortment of demented characters, from the fearsome moral crone MOTHER SUPERIOR to the famous record producer and reprobate LENNY FIDEL, all of whom use and abuse the band for their own twisted ends. Part satire, part psychedelic romp, The GEARS TV liberates the inner rock star, and promises to have everyone believing in Rene’s prime directive: “ROCK AND ROLL ‘TILL YOU DIE!”