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    Bruce Thomas is an artist currently residing in Revelstoke BC. He graduated from Concordia University and draws from his extensive experience in the film, music, performance and the multimedia industry as an art director/producer to inspire his most recent work with new software and technology to produce convergent creative productions.

    In 2009, Bruce set out on a cross-Canada tour in search of answers for his Canadian PULSE Landscape Project. A work in progress, Thomas challenges the Canadian historical landscape perspective and uncovers a new approach to traditional landscape painting through the eyes of Canada’s growing multi-cultural society. Traveling across Canada, Thomas interviews hundreds of Canadians and documents their perspective on what defines the quintessential Canadian Landscape.

    Incorporating cutting edge technology to manipulate his original animated film, photo and music material in one convergent work. Bruce performed an improvised and portable exhibit/performance entitled: NEXT PASSAGE OUT, in seven communities in the Columbia Basin between Sept 1st and Dec 15th 2014 to create these sound and visual “Painting” started in the Former Futures Series.

    He utilizes multi-media as a means to narrate the psychological and spiritual relationships we create in order to relate in the natural and man made world around us. His method is a “series-based’ constructivist approach using different configurations of medium, message and materials. These elements are then coordinated to produce an atheistic based image that serves as a tangible example of an intangible inspiration.


    1997: Ontario Arts Council grant for theatre production

    1998 : Awarded Bravofact Grant for “Jazz Pharmacy” Music Mural

    2001; Awarded Videofact grant to produce “The Inhabitants” experimental film

    2006: Bessie for best new sound design for Rogers Commercial

    2009: Canada Arts Council Grant For Pulse Project


    Oct 7th-Dec 10th : Next Passage Out Resolume Tour (CBT Grant)

    May 2 – June 8 Museum Heritage Garden Mural/Banners( Public art Commission)

    Apr 4- 29 2014 Revelstoke Art Gallery: Former Futures (CBT Funded)

    Sept 14 – Dec10th Special Needs Art Classes (Community Connections)

    Jan 10- Feb 4 2013 Revelstoke Art Gallery: Art Center Mural

    (Project CBT Funded)

    April 3- Apr 26 2012 Gallery 1313: Leave Me in A Beautiful Place

    Oct 8- Nov 7 2011 Pulse LA: LA Watercolors

    June 7- June 28 2011 Arts on first Gallery: Nxt Passage Out: First installation

    Dec 3-Dec 18 2010 Lennox Gallery: Canadian Pulse Project: The East

    Dec 5-Dec 21 2009 Lennox Gallery: Canadian Pulse Project: The West

    May 18-June 14 2008 Spin Gallery: “Leave Me In A Beautiful Place”

    Aug 4- Sept 3 2007 The Axis Art Gallery: Portable Inspiration #4

    April 14-May 6  2007 Sons&Daughters Productions: Portable Inspiration #3

    May 14-June 6 2007 Live Art Space: Inhabitants

    Nov 14-Dec 2 2005 Steptoe &Wife Gallery: Portable Inspiration #2

    Dec 12-Jan 5 2004 Axis Art Gallery: Portable Inspiration #1

    Mar 16-Apr 12 2003 Live Art Space: PICANTO!!!